Apples are very good for health
Dried apple is very tasty and good for health. Its taste delights both adults and children. Dried apples have a rich vitamin and mineral composition. Dried apples contain a lot of water (31/100 g), carbohydrates (57.2 g / 100g.), food fiber (8.7 g per 100 g), and the following vitamins; В4, C, В1, В2, В3, В5, В6, Е и К.
Dried apples contain a lot of potassium, also they are rich in sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Dried apples contain a lot of iron, copper, manganese, selenium and zinc. It is very useful to use this dried fruit on daily bases.
Like all other dried fruits, dried apples are high in calories and nutritious (213 kcal / 100 g), but still, on average, there are a lot more calories in pastry than in any of our dried fruit. They can effectively replace candy, chocolate and any other pastry. You can be sure that dried apples will serve as an excellent source of vitamins, will support health and strengthen the immune system.
From the 16th to the 19th century, Europeans, mostly French and Germans, decorated New Year's trees with apples.

Dried apples are very useful when a patient has hypertension, coughing, thrombophlebitis, diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

Dried apples activate the intestinal function, strengthen the nervous system and the body's protective functions, normalize the metabolism, reduce the risk of dementia, tumors and memory loss.

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